Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008

ROM pictures

A big thank you to jonk for helping us out with the photos :) here's the link online

please go there to view the wonderful photos :) there are more but if you want the rest, contact us directly:)

and here's to the girls... Angela, huilin, Valerie, Charmaine, Michelle

you all were the stars of the show :) thanks for all the help, for the support for the blessings and most importantly for your time and effort in making this wonderful event possible.

thank you

Angela: thank you for fetching me up and down with your nice Lexus and for all the time spent shopping with me for the dresses, and the nails, and for calming my nerves down esp the last few days :) ok ur purple idea was really nice hahaha and my niece and nephews are now hunting for cameras to take photos with :P

Huilin: thank you for sportingly and painstakingly borrowing a nice turqoise dress last minute.. and for wearing mascara whahahah Everyone says you look good in it.. so Go get a dress girl!!!

Charmaine: Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule and sacrificing leave for this big day. Your expertise was amazing amidst the chaos right before the event ie. the guest list, the pens!! and for helping with the kids :)

Valerie: Thanks for being there despite the many errands you have to attend to for your family affairs, and for braving the rain with huilin to get the pens for the signature book :) and for dressing up and let me do your eyelashes hahaha :)

Michelle: mui, what could I have done without you :) thanks for sportingly agreeing to be my witness and for your funky ideas right up to the day itself. thanks for sacrificing precious time to be there for me.

:) well my dears, i hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as Dan and I on the day :)

lots of lovee

yeelin and daniel

Montag, 24. November 2008

RSVP for ROM on Dec 24th

Please RSVP your attendance for our ROM on Dec 24th 2008 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel 392 Havelock Road .

We will be having the solemnization at the hotel directly, followed by a lunch buffet at the same place. So please make sure, you don't accidentally end up at the ROM at Ford Canning Rise on that day.

Arrival of the guests is at 11am. The solemnization is at 12am followed by the lunch. The event is scheduled to end at 3pm, so everyone will be home at Xmas eve on time.

You may RSVP in respond to this blog post, or by email/phone.

Hope to see you all there on our special day.

Directions to the hotel

Our ROM and also our wedding ceremony will be held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. The hotel is located in Rivervally, opposite Great World City. For those who like to go clubbing in Singapore, it is just next to Zouk.

View Larger Map

The hotel is not near any MRT station so you need to take a bus there.Check the SBS website how to get there. If you are driving, please let us know, we have a limited number of parking tickets for the hotel.

Samstag, 26. Juli 2008


Picking the venue is a tough job. There are lots of questions to be considered. DO we want a hotel or restaurant? Do we have lunch or dinner? Does the place have a room in the correct size? What food do we want (Chinese vs. international)? What about drinks? Does the hotel offer a room for the night? Is the cake included? Is there a trial dinner, if so for how many people? What about decoration and flower arrangements? ....

Here are some venues that made it into the final round:

Grand Copthorne Waterfront
Four Seasons

All look nice and offer about the service we are looking for. Next we have to go and look at the places ourselves.

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

ROM date :)

:D hooray!

24th december :) a wonderful christmas gift, as Dan says :)

i wonder who shall be our witnesses? at least mum /dad will be one of mine. They say so it wouldnt' seem like a runaway wedding hahaa :)


Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008


some stuff for our registry

:) prices

  • weekday: 128
  • weekend and PH: 198
  • popular dates: 298!!! what a jump!! (that includes all the double dates, 8th lunar month 15th etc)
filing dates starts from 3 months ahead :)

and for witnesses: anyone above 21. :) so all those who wanna have a chance of a lifetime to do this meaningful event :P please contact me!! :)

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2008

wedding packages part 2

after a long search. my final decision has come to use the professional photographers.

:) quality of photos was our main deciding factor, after all this is the only one that would stick with us forever. And mind you, people do remember wedding photos :) (and the food too)

Jacky Studios which by mere coincidence moved over to my neighborhood (that giving it an extra brownie point for being fuel-friendly) provided what I deemed to be a package that most suited my needs.

It was quoted to be 2988 (plus additional charges only for new gowns)

this has the album + 5 gowns +makeup and stuff plus the actual day gowns and coat. This suited our needs as we did not plan to have the car and all those additional stuff.

the photos are simple but stunning.. he is a pro for a good reason :)

here is a list of ideas we kinda want for our photo album

1) nature :) those that can't be found in singapore
2) classic - cafes, wine galleries (sepia tone)
3) the court house
4) silhouette

some wedding photos we found on flikr :)